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Jan 19, 2009

She Misses Me…

I got a text message as late as 1am one night. That’s from one of my niece in Philippines. I don’t blame her for she’s only 8 years old and she wants to express her feelings of missing me by sending me a text message using my roaming sim card.

And by the way, the time diverse is way too different for they are 13 hours ahead of NY Eastern Time. So, I get up and immediately sent her some reply that I miss her too, that way she would not feel neglected because I don’t text her back.

I bet, by the time we’ll be seeing them again, they’re all grown up.


8 freaking comments:

hi how are you????

hi how are you please visit me!!

you're such a sweet tita mao na miss ka sa imo pamangkin. bawi na lang sa sunod. :)

ingatz sis.

Novs, if u see a how are you only message its my son doing the bloghopping, hehehe. Btw, thanks for the tag. im touched by your post about the text message at that unholy hour. she surely misses you a lot.


WHY... certainly accepted... no worries i was just wondering basin wa nimo ma-figured out akong usa ka new page.. hehehehe....

mao jud, it get worse and worse every night, that i have to turned my roaming phone into silent kay ang bana magyaw2x ang kalag.. hahaha

- daut jud ay. kay kada kadlawon nlng jud.. hahaha pero that's fine at least and anticipating that they will kept doing that para di ko nila malimtan ug ma out of picture tungod sa akong kalayo

hi nov, this is cool blog. you give me an idea of making one for may pamangkins or even my family.

oi, sorry kaayo ha karon wala nako nahimo imong tags unya wala pod ko kabisita nimo, I'm always busy, mo update lang ko sa akong blogs and do some opps then out dayon..don't worry I will make up as soon as I will finish sa akong gikabusihan karon :-)

i will add this blog very soon..

oh how sweet is your niece, and you too, for taking the time to respond even though it is in the wee hours of dawn, am sure that really made her day.


- yon maliliit pa. they're super makulit pero sweet ay. they want to keep me playing with them, ayan tuloy one of my uncle thought i'm only 16 yrs old, where in fact i was already 25 that time.. hahaha.. kakaluka ano? Thanks for the copmliment sa new blog ko, ayan tuloy nasuper inspired ang beauty ko..

- Sis, thanks yha, that's normal kasi naman you have more priorities then just sitting sa atubangan sa computer, not like me.. hehehe... please do it when you have time, ayaw ra dali-dalia..

Mao jud, I made this for those angels in my life.. saon kay wa pa man ko own my own, so they are all precious jud super...

-UU nga, i have to at least give sometime with them, kahit na i'm not there physically, they can still count on me no matter what and how far i am to them. at least through that they won't feel neglected...

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