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Jan 24, 2009

PowerPuff Girls

Is back for their 10th year anniversary, I didn’t know that, yet didn’t notice that the show was that old already. I used to watched that cartoon series on Cable when I was in Philippines and together with my niece and nephews. They love the 3 cute, adorable and super hero girls that save the day no matter what.

power puff girls 10th aniversery! Pictures, Images and Photos

Since I moved here in USA, I didn’t see the show that often on cartoon network as frequently as it was in Philippines. And now is the day [January 19, 2009] that it was exclusively featured on television once again.

I can say, I missed watching all of it, and I still have fun watching not only powerpuff girls but mostly classic cartoons as I will really get entertained by it.

Anyways, while watching from morning to evening, until the new episode has released it reminded me of my niece and nephews way back in Philippines.


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thanks for visit

i love watching this, too. musta na sis?

dugay dugay jud ko wa kasuroy dinhi kay busy akong beauty ba? unya tapulan poa jud ko.saun nga gagmay kaayo ug bayad karon sa atong pagpangita ug kwarta dinhi sa web.

hi novs, i was here again today. thanks for the visit. dugay dugay na jud ta wa ka chicka ba? sis lisod ba kaayo economy diha? feel na ba?

-Thanks for the visit too...

lagi ay. sige lang, mao jud ako gani nagtagbaw jud panakop ug kanang mas higher fee oi.. kay na.. gamay ra kayo ang p3 karon dha ra pud ko makakwarta.. ehehhehe

Hi novs, passing by here, hope all is well with you

-Thanks for the visit here... everything is great... hope to see you around often...

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