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Jan 13, 2009

His just only 3 yrs old

One of my wonderful nephews astounded me one night when he called me at home. It shows in the caller ID that Home Gensan called and so I picked it up, thinking it might be an emergency as it’s already late at night.

As I picked up the phone, I was surprised to hear my nephew’s voice and I knew it was him right away, as he has a very sweet and soft voice. Correction people, his no gay, I’m getting defensive but what can you expect to a 3 years old boy. He can call not only me but also my sis-in-law’s father in Seattle. I can say he’s a clever child.

But, inspite of that, I’m pleased that he called, only one thing for sure he won’t miss me as much as it was before. Even if we don’t see each other physically hearing their voices or my family’s voice over the phone is quite rewarding for the meantime.


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Hi Nova, is this your other blog, I recognized your face and was glad to see you sign Nova below. Sorry, did not notice your other blog before. You look so good with your nephew. Am sure you miss him much.

Wow, sweet naman ng nephew mo! Na miss ka siguro kaya ka tinawagan. This is a nice blog Nov. I like the color coz it's pink. :)


Hay, uu I will finalized this and published this into public and for now i'm starting to get traffic into this blog, I certainly do misses them a lot, thinking that i would not be around to see them grow up like i used to, its sooo sad and lonely, you know naman kids are amazing and they can give you the best laughed ever... hope to keep seeing you in this page...

thanks... please do add this into your page and i'll add you here now...

Was here visiting Novs...your pamangkin is so cute and yes, clever kasi nakakatawag na sa phone. Imagine he can call pag Pasko to ask for his aginaldo...hehehe...

Te Juls

Hi Nova, I blogrolled you already in "ON US SOIL" in my San Diego Backroads.

Thanks for adding me here, wish you very well on your new site.

hi nov, just finish adding this one to my links. thanks for adding me here. :)

hello sis. mao diay ni imo new site. nice! ka cute pud sa imo nephew oi.

thanks for adding me here. will add this one up too. add my two domains na rin ha.


hi novs, ako na ni add na blog please add my blogs here too. btw nice LO nagscrap ka na din?

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