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Jan 17, 2009

Babies can read

Reading Baby Pictures, Images and PhotosYup, that’s scientifically proven only if you teach them as early as 6 months. Where they start recognizing things about them, why I know such things? Not because I’m a mother now but because I’ve seen it on television on its paid programming.

Do you know that babies as early as 6 months can actually identify words and things already? As I mentioned, teaching them through what they see will be save and learn. As they have this amazing memory and would not forget about it. I was impressed and amazed when they showed home videos of what helped their kids as early as they can.

They will even start recognizing words that you didn’t taught to them. Interesting huh? I do, and hopefully someday, I’ll be able to help me child/s to start learning while enjoying watching television with some sense in it.

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hi Novs, been here Please update My Journey blog to it is back to its old domain na eh. ty

so true. I start reading to my princess as early as 4 months and by 1 year old she can identify objects from her book and can even tell what's happening on the page like if the picture shows a girl dancing and stuff.

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