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Jul 18, 2006

My New Blog

Lately it came to my mind to create blog for my "pamangkin's" that means, All of them, I've got six [6] pamangkin, 2 girls and 4 boys. And another one that is coming on December. For everyone's information, its the 4th sibling of my Kuya Rito. Yes, they were fast, the reason? well, they should do it fast and earlier, para they could still see their grandchildren once there kids got married.Which is I find it TRUE, well if your planning and you really do wanted to have a family on your own, better start it earlier. Oh and one more thing, do it when your financially stable and can provide needs for your family...anyway, I am creating this blog because I wanted to share to my friends how much I cherished this angels into my life. Or the other way around??? I just love children, babies, that is why I really am wanting to have one on my own. Can't wait to take them care on my own. I'll keep posting pictures and development to those pamangkin's. Hope you'll enjoy sneaking here and would try to leave me messages once you visited this blog, so I would know that my friends do really also care of those people I care for.

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